Once you've mastered the process, duplicate the system across different niches and sub-niches. In this way, you will be able to create many different automated cash streams to generate the income and lifestyle you desire.  By the way here's a perfect example from one of my friends. He makes $20,000+ per month using the same strategies you learned here today.   

It works big time!

3 Critical Questions To Answer If You Want To Make A Full Time Income Online 



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by: Ewen Chia
f you came online looking to establish a real business, then it's possible you got sidetracked and confused along the way to success.

This is because there is just too much hype and false information being preached about making money on the internet these days.
Fact is it'll be highly unlikely you can make thousands in your first month online from base zero. It took me 3 years of hard work and 'merry-go-round' rides before I finally 'cracked the code'.

Overnight riches will not happen, period.
What you can do though to effectively 'short-cut' and accelerate the process is to follow a tried and tested plan and working on that plan until you get results.

This will focus your efforts in the right direction from the start, without waste of unneccesary time and resources. Now, most profitable businesses become profitable because they have their foundations built firmly upon sound marketing principles that work.
You can tap on these proven principles today - no matter where you are in your business.

Through the years and thousands of pages of information, what I discovered was this...

Success in any business can be heightened dramatically when you create that business upon the needs of the market it serves.
Here are 3 critical marketing questions to ponder upon if you're looking to make a full time income online:

Question #1: Are You Targeting HUNGRY Markets With The Money To Spend? 
It's NOT enough to blindly pick a market and bank on it. If you want to make any money at all, you need to go WHERE the money is.

The niche market you choose should consist of people who already want what you can offer. More importantly, they should have the necessary disposable income.

Here's an example: while the employment niche is huge, it's mainly made up of employment seekers with little ready funds to spend on 'unnecessary' purchases.  You'll do much better by targeting a 'lifestyle' niche like sports, hobbies, entertainment or health.
When you search for keywords using a tool like the Keyword Selector Tool from Overture, qualify your markets by using trigger words like 'find', 'buy', 'learn' etc.

This will give you a good indication of their demands and spending powers.
Question #2: Are You Selling What The Market Wants To Buy?

Look, it doesn't mean hoots if you have the BEST products in the world when no body is interested in them.

A crazy example: you can create a one-of-a-kind 'pet camera' reserved only for taking pictures of your
pets...but will this sell well when you can just use a normal camera? Guess not.

Once you've identified certain profitable niche markets, start surveying and researching the types of products that sell like hotcakes in these markets.

An easy way to do this is to identify and study EXISTING hot sellers. For instance, look at the ClickBank market place if you're selling digital products. Or look at the Yahoo shopping network and eBay for tangible goods.

You can then create your own products to tap into these existing pools of red hot customers. Creating them is a simple matter in itself once you get the hang of it.
A few ways to do so include hiring ghostwriters; repackaging resale rights; conducting interviews or using Camtasia to create quick multi-media tutorials. Or you can use 'ready content' in the form of private labeled products. Just edit where needed, put your name on it and bang - your own instant product.

Remember, find out what people want to buy *first* before attempting to sell anything to them.
Question #3: Are You Building Your Databases?

The real money is in the list and this holds true for any business whether online or offline.

Capture, follow up with and backend your visitors for
perpetual profits. Create quality content and develop win-win relationships.

Attach lifetime values to your visitors and nuture them into future customers even if they leave your site without purchasing the first time. This is because you'll lose them forever if you do not do so.  Apply these critical questions to your businesses and you'll acquire the midas touch to turn every venture into gold.
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