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by: Alec Duncan
of the world renowned search engine, Google, have taken
things a step further to increase their user loyalty, grow their user base and at the same time reward websites for helping them promote their search engine. What a beautiful deal.

Google now offers WebSearch™ allowing AdSense members to take the earning potential of their sites to an even higher level. Is it all about the money? For most I bet the answer will be “YES”, however, those who would say no can say so with confidence.
Google delivers the best search results on the web today. Don’t
be surprised if the majority of your website users use it to search
the web. They pride themselves on highly relevant search results
with a clean and effective interface. They offer various filters to fine tune their results to allowing you to eliminate any unwanted sites from being displayed.
They have started a highly successful symbiotic relationship between Google and websites that many webmasters will be taking advantage of as soon as they hear the news. It is said time and time again how Google AdSense has transformed websites not geared towards earning income, into solid income producing businesses. Now with WebSearch™ it gets even better.

So what exactly is WebSearch™?

It’s using Google’s SiteSearch or Google’s Web Search and displaying AdSense ads in the results and you earn income every time someone clicks on the ads. Lots of sites already use these features together or independently and them being able to monetize this is a sure plus. You are also able to customize your results page to some extent which includes full color customization as well as the ability to include your logo.

So how do I get it?

Well if you haven’t already done so you will need to create an AdSense account below at Google AdSense and follow the steps.
If you already have an AdSense account then log in and click on Search Settings and you should be able to
figure it out from there. They also offer reporting information which can also be filtered by channel and includes clicks, the number of queries and clickthrough rate.
The verdict

If you answer yes to any of the following questions then there’s a good chance that Google’s WebSearch is for you:

1. Do you want to give your users a reason to stay on your site longer?

2. Have you ever wanted to offer web search from your site?

3. Do you want to be able to offer a site search feature to your users?
And last but not least

4. Do you want to increase the earning potential of your website? More popularly stated as… Do you want to make more money?  I’m not a betting man but I would put my money on you answering yes to at least one of these.

Happy Google WebSearch™ing :-)
About The Author
Alec Duncan is the founder of a Search Engine Optimization resource site. Visit Li'l Engine for search engine optimization tools and strategies and also check out Developer Tutorials for web development techniques and strategies.
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AnestaWeb, Website Publishing Earnings, Increase Your Websites Revenue,
AnestaWeb, Website Publishing Earnings, Increase Your Websites Revenue,
AnestaWeb, Website Publishing Earnings, Increase Your Websites Revenue,
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